Entrance to the sports club and registration to group trainings

The sports club reception is located on the ground floor opposite the Mademoiselle Café. The sports club is open daily 7:00 - 23:00 and the aqua and sauna center 7:00 - 22:00. NB! Last entry is 1 hour before closing time.

1. All members must present their membership card upon entry the club at every visit. NB! We are currently exchanging club membership cards for new ones. The new card allows you to enter the club and opens your closet.

2. With a new card, you don't have to go through the admin desk unless you want to ask for something, extend your monthly card, register for training. 

3. We recommend that you register for the training through the homepage under the tab Training Plan.

4. When leaving the sports club, place the new club card on the reader on the top of the admin desk and leave. In case you have wristband, place the wristband on the wristband collecting machine at the admin desk, after which the turnstile will automatically open. In case you have unpaid services on the wristband, the turnstile opens after you have paid for the services.

Important changes regarding attending group trainings:

1. You can book a training session on the website by entering the email you have given to the club upon registration for the sports club and  password. You will receive the first password from the sports club administrators. There is no need to notify the club of any subsequent changes to the password, which will be automatically saved to the system. 

2. Two bookings can be made per day. 

3. No late entry. Everyone's experience matters, out of consideration to everyone's class experience, entrance will not be granted after class begins.

4. Booked training sessions can be canceled online up to an hour before training begins. On-site training can be canceled up to 5 minutes before training begins.

5. If you do not attend and do not cancel bookings for five times within two weeks, a two-week booking ban will apply and already made bookings will be cancelled.

ATT! A valid package is required to book online. If the package has expired / has not yet been purchased, reservations can be made by calling +372 6288120.

The Sports Club team is here to help you get to know the new system.
Meriton Sports Club