About Meriton Sport Club

Meriton Sportclub opened its doors in May, 2009. In the beginning there was gym, one small training hall and few trainings.

Today sportclub has expanded already twice, We have taken in use second training hall and expanded gym. Our gym has a beautiful view to our aqua and sauna center.

In addition to gym and 2 training halls our sportclub members can use aqua and sauna center.

The following training classes are offered:

LesMills - for example BodyPump®, BodyCombat®, BodyBalance®
Simple & Effective - suitable for everybody. FitBall, Belly-Buttock- Back
Intense & Effective - for example BodyTransform, TRX Cardio
Cardio & Dance - combained with muscle workout, cardio training and dance elements. Zumba®, StripAerobic, FatBurn, Step
Body & Mind - training at calm pace, developes balance. Pilates, YogaClassic, PowerYoga, BodyArt, Sauna Yoga
Aqua Aerobics - different styles. Suitable for everybody, all ages. AquaFit, AquaPump, AquaCombat, AquaZumba

Meriton Sportclub wishes to offer different training possibilities for everybody. In our sportclub it is possible to buy different monthly cards or sign contract and get more benefits.

Meriton Sportclub