Christmas peace for the soul and relaxation for the body!
Christmas peace for the soul and relaxation for the body!

Treat yourself and your friends or colleagues to the perfect relaxation for the body and the soul during the peaceful Christmas time. New energy and a feeling of freshness as a bonus!

We invite you to the GUIDED RELAXATION training and to enjoy the pleasurable aqua and sauna centre!

The guided relaxation class last for 2 hours under the guidance of trainer Riina Hein. After that you are free to use the aqua and sauna centre with jacuzzis and relaxing saunas for 2 hours. Those who have purchased the package will receive 10% discount in restaurant Wok & Grill on the day of the purchase.

The offer is valid for groups of a minimum of 10 people.
Price: 14 EUR per person

The price does not include use of a towel and bathrobe. It is possible to rent them at the reception of the aqua centre and sports club.
The offer is valid until the end of December 2012.

Booking and information:
Kärt Jalajas
Manager of Meriton Sports Club
Phone: 53 309 108

Guided relaxation – it is a possibility to take some time off and allow yourself to thoroughly relax and then fill yourself with new energy with the qigong exercises that follow. The exercises are suitable for all age groups and also during pregnancy. It is not even necessary to change clothes to do them.

The relaxation helps:
- muscle strains disappear
- improve sleep and health
- increase energy levels
- boost the immune system
- make it easier to overcome tiredness
- increase mental activity

Trainer Riina Hein – an internationally licensed Zhong Yuan Qigong trainer.
Riina Hein has been connected to Chinese culture for already 16 years now, learning tai chi and qigong. To acquire a deeper understanding of human nature, she studied at the Sach International hypnosis and psychotherapy school.
Advice for coming to the training: it is not necessary to bring separate training clothes but it is recommended to preferably dress warmly and bring along warm socks. A sauna towel can be brought along to support the body.
We do not recommend coming to the training while ill because even the smallest coughing disturbs the concentration and relaxation of the fellow trainers.

Christmas peace for the soul and relaxation for the body!