Personal trainer
Naine ja mees hantliga

Meriton Sportclub members can use support trainer service for a charge.

Who is support trainer and how she can help you?

- A personal trainer helps to understand the concept of our training, how to use gym equipment and gym exercises.
-If You have been ill for a long time, a personal trainer helps you to get back in track again.
-Personal trainer answers to easier questions regarding eating before and after training, how to lose weight etc.
-Fat % measurement if the member wishes.

All club members can use personal trainer services.
Our personal trainers are:
Eva-Liis Avakivi

Evelin Märtson-Nava

The personal trainer service is available to Meriton Sports Club members, who have purchased a monthly package. You have to pay a fee of € 25 at the sports club reception and afterward agree with the trainer about her/ his training fee.
Only our sports club trainers could perform personal trainer duties.