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The wellness spa is open for reservations. Please let us know when you are free and we will book a time for you.
Info and reservations: ph +372 6288 120

All wellness spa treatments for Meriton Sports Club members - 10%.

Classical massage 60 min 49 €
Sports massage 60 min 54 €
Aroma massage 60 min 54 €
Hot Stone Chakra massage 60 min 59 €
After Work massage 30 min 32 €


Classical massage

Price: 49 euros

Duration: 60 minutes

A classical massage, also known as Swedish massage, involves massaging the whole body, resulting in the loosening of tight muscles and improvement of metabolism

Aroma massage

Price: 54 euros

Duration: 60 minutes

Aroma massage is a gentle massage with essential oils. The aim of the massage is through aroma therapy to balance the body, in addition to relieving stress, muscle tension and aches, sleep disorders, blood pressure fluctuations and to reduce cellulite.

Hot Stone Chakra massage

Price: 59 euros

Duration: 60 minutes

Massage with hot lava stones strengthens the immune system, stimulates blood circulation and speeds up metabolism. The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the massage therapist to manipulate your deep tissues more effectively.

After Work massage

Price: 32 euros

Duration: 30 minutes

Perfect massage after a long day at work. Massage focuses on your upper body and lower back, helps to reduce muscle tension in your neck and shoulders. Massage helps you to regain your focus after sitting behind desk for many hours.

Sports massage

Price: 54 euros

Duration: 60 minutes

Sports massage is intense and strong massage. It helps to reduce muscle tension after the training or to increase muscle tone before training.